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Lowther Hall Nora Collisson Centre (Library): Remote Community: Activity Bingo

For each dimension of health pick an activity to complete.

Aim to spend at least 60 mins doing physical movement activities.


a way to move your body


something to calm your mind


time to connect with family/friends


to shift our emotions


for connection and sense of purpose

Have a look on the NCC Library Activities Pay your pets some attention with some games and a walk Scavenger Hunt Walk with friends or family Do a meditation Barefoot walk in your back/front yard
Go for a bike ride Tidy your space by vacuuming/ sweeping Start a step challenge with friend Dance and sing to loud music Nature Photograph
Smash out a HIIT workout Write a to do list to clear your mind Workout with friends on zoom Do a bit of craft or colouring Cook a healthy lunch
Give a Pilates session a try Have a stretch to a chill playlist Find a friend and write a workout for the other person to do. Do on zoom together. Laundry or tidying your room Get outside and do some gardening
Pop your runners on a go for a walk/run Organise Planner/Notes Just Dance with a group of friends Hop Scotch Complete some Yoga


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