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Lowther Hall Nora Collisson Centre (Library): Research Skills

The Research Process



Good quality research takes time. If you take short-cuts your research will be of a poorer quality and so will your work.


There are FIVE steps in the research process. Remember the acronym A FACT and you will be on your way.

Learn to use these FIVE steps and you will research effectively, efficiently and confidently. 

As you move through the school you will be expected to demonstrate and develop a variety of skills associated with each of these stages.

Click the images below or the tab to the right to access help with each stage of research.


What do I want to find out?

What is my purpose?

What are the key words and ideas of the task?


Where can I find the information I really need?

What do I already know?

What do I need to find out?


What information do I really need?

What information can I leave out?


Who will I share my information with?

How can I effectively present my information?

How can I best organise information from different sources?


Did I fulfil my purpose?

What did I learn from this process?

How did I go at each stage of the research process?

How Library Stuff Works: Search versus Research

What's the difference between search and research? Watch this video to find out!

Duration: 2:36 min   Accessed: 26 April 2021


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