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Lowther Hall Nora Collisson Centre (Library): Plagiarism

Academic Honesty at Lowther Hall

Honesty is fundamental to anything you do and the same goes for your academic work. 

Not being ethical or honest is taken very seriously. If you are not honest and use someone else's words, images, sounds or ideas, then it is called plagiarismYou will see in the back of your planner the Plagiarism Policy, which is covered during Homerooms at the start of every year.  It gives you a very clear outline of what the consequences of academic dishonesty are. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are clearly aware of what it entails.

It includes:

  • Suspected or confirmed copying by a student of the work of another student (with or without permission of the latter) and passing it off as her own work

  • Suspected or confirmed allowing of work to be copied by another student and submitted for assessment. 

  • Suspected or confirmed copying by a student of materials from other sources such as the internet, books, handouts, past assignments etc. and passing it off as her own work.
  • Suspected or confirmed submission by a student of the work of an adult, tutor, or other person (with or without permission of the latter) and passing it off as her own work.

Useful Links - Lowther Hall's Plagiarism Policy

How to avoid plagiarism

To avoid plagiarism you must be mindful to cite your sources. When you cite your sources, you identify them in a way that others can understand. There are many systems used to do this. At Lowther Hall we use the Harvard citation system.  Please refer to the Writing Bibiliographies page for how to write a bibliography or resource list.

For all Senior School students - Google Classroom Plagiarism Checker



Many teachers use Google Classrooms to provide you with work and where you can submit work. There is an Originality Report availability which teachers might use on any 'Assigned' work you submit. 

Senior Students - Learn About TurnItIn


All tertiary institutions take plagiarism very seriously too. Most universities use an online plagiarism-checker called TurnItIn. Students submit their work which is scanned by the program which identifies plagiarism or possible plagiarism. It identifies the various types of plagiarisms through different colours.

Though we do not have access to TurnItIn at Lowther Hall, it is good to be aware of this process for when you are a tertiary student.

Writing a Bibliography or Reference List

Plagiarism Overview

When using YouTube videos don't forget to cite and reference your sources.


This video was created by Monash student Chern Xuan, winner of the Monash University Integrity Campaign video competition in 2019. (Monash University, 2019)

Duration: 2:33 min

Citing for Beginners

This tutorial will show you why you need to cite sources in your research paper and how to do it. Towards the end, it talks about MLA referencing style, but remember we use the Harvard referencing style.

Duration: 5:37