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Lowther Hall Nora Collisson Centre (Library): Remote Community: Make & Create

Drawing, Sketching and Doodling

Try your hand at drawing, sketching and doodling! Don't worry about how the end result will look, just have fun with it. If you have art supplies, use those; if not, just use whatever you have on hand. Play with colour, line, shadow and shape. Watch a video below for inspiration.

Origami and Papercrafts

Find some paper and try your hand at origami, the ancient art of paper folding. It doesn't matter what paper you use, or how it turns out in the end - the fun is in giving it a go!

Looking to get active? Or perhaps you'd like to relax?

Click through to our Energise & Exercise page for ideas, videos, tips and tools to keep you active

Click through to our Relax & Rejuvenate page for our suggestions to help you unwind!

Share your creations!

Have you created something? Snap a photo and share it with us!


Cooking & Baking

Like to eat? Why not try cooking or baking something! Just be sure to stay safe using all kitchen equipment - ask a parent, guardian or older sibling for help with anything you're unsure about.