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Lowther Hall LRC: Research help

Analyse websites

Learn to give a CRAAP.

Now that we've got your attention, use this acronym to evaluate the information you find on the web.

C is for currency. When was the website last updated?

R is for relevance. Is the information useful to you?

A is for authority. Who is publishing the information? If it's from Wikipedia, it could be anyone and is not a reliable source.

A is for accuracy. Think about who published it, and if they are likely to be correct. Is a celebrity or a doctor more likely to give accurate health information? Are there references?

P is for purpose or possible bias. Is the author’s purpose to sell, persuade, entertain, or inform?

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What are my steps?

Be aware of your purpose

Ask questions you want answers for

Be efficient in reading

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Follow me now...

Ask good questions, in order to get good answers
Access and acquire the raw material from the appropriate digital information sources (text, graphics, audio visual sources)
Analyse and authenticate and arrange these materials and distinguish between good and bad, fact and opinion. Understand bias and determine what is incomplete to turn the raw data into usual knowledge
Apply the knowledge within a real world problem or simulation using a VIP action (vision into practice)

Assess both the product and the process

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