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For Teachers: Homeroom Ideas using Britannica School

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Homeroom Ideas using Britannica School

Looking for something quick and easy to do during Homeroom? Britannica School is here to help!
Click through to Britannica directly , or via on the Britannica button on the NCC homepage, which looks like this:


You will need to log into our school account to access Britannica when offsite. However you should only need to do this once - then your browser will save the login for future use. You will find the Staff Password information here, and the Student Password information here.

Britannica allows for easy differentiation with three different levels:

Head for any one of these and you will find quick things you can do with your Homeroom. Each level offers 4 or 5 quick activities right at the start. Get everyone guessing as you scroll through.









Do you know? / What Does it Mean? / Which is It? / Explore the Animal Kingdom / News of the Day (appropriate for young learners)













At the top: Can You Guess? / At a Glance / Did You Know? / Buzzword of the Day     

Just below: Can You Guess?











At the top: either Fast Facts or Behind the News / On This Day / In Their Words / Science in Pictures
Below that: Flash Facts

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