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For Teachers: Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia

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The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia is a leading voice for the advancement of girls’ education. They advocate for and support the distinctive work of girls’ schools in their provision of unparalleled opportunities for girls. They contribute to the development and promotion of education in Australasia and the empowerment of young women to reach their potential and become influential contributors to our complex and changing world.

Lowther Hall is a Member School of AGSA and all Lowther staff have exclusive access to member resources. The Alliance website is your one-stop resource for current research, tangible facts, and in-depth analysis of issues relevant to girls’ education, as well as access to the Alliance's news, events and discounts.

You can create your own member account using your Lowther email address by following the steps below. This takes a couple of days to be approved by AGSA. We also have a general staff account you are welcome to use if you need quick access. Email us for the login details or find our passwords here.

Once you have access and are logged in, you will find research articles under the Research tab. In the drop down menu, select Research Library or click here.  

Single-sex education for girls – The research

Research shows that there are “positive effects of single-sex schooling” in Australia in relation to numeracy and literacy testing and tertiary entrance scores. In addition, research shows that girls benefit from single-sex environments where there are no expectations that they should fulfil traditional gender stereotypes in the subjects they study, the activities they participate in or the careers they pursue. Girls attending girls’ schools are more confident and assertive in single-sex environments. Research demonstrates that girls feel empowered to behave in a more competitive ways without the presence of boys. Girls in girls’ schools are free to pursue academic excellence in any area they choose, including in the ‘gender atypical’ areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Statistics show that girls from girls’ schools are more likely to study STEM at school and pursue university studies and careers in STEM fields.

The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia

Request Access

Request access to AGSA by following these steps:

STEP 1: Visit this link: or select ‘Request Access’ under the Members section on the website.
STEP 2: Complete the form requesting staff access.
STEP 3: Wait for email confirmation that your access has been approved.
STEP 4: Login at the top right hand corner of the page under ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and begin enjoying our member-only resources.

8 Ways AGSA Can Help You

1. Access the latest academic research

Our research library gives you instant access to relevant, useful resources and analysis of the latest research into pedagogy, student wellbeing and the education of girls.

2. Build professional recognition

We regularly provide opportunities for members to submit articles for both digital and print publication or register to present at events like our Biennial Educators Conference.

3. Deliver curated education news

Each week we curate the most relevant news articles from over 185,000 worldwide sources to keep you abreast of educational trends, topics and issues.

4. Network with educators locally and globally

Our networking events are held across Australia and New Zealand for educators to connect. Our relationships in the US and UK provide opportunities for staff exchange and mentoring.

5. Develop professional skills with our partners

We work with corporate partners to develop tailored events and programs for our members. Together we provide unique professional development opportunities that leverage corporate expertise and skills.

6. Access research programs and grants

Members have access to opportunities to participate in research initiatives and pilot education programs. We also provide grants for research into girls’ education.

7. Connect with our Career Hub

Join our LinkedIn Career Hub dedicated to career orientated education professionals. Discover career opportunities, professional development tips and shared insights.

8. Principal advantages

Principals receive additional benefits, such as the fortnightly eBrief, a timely research summary to assist with speech writing,newsletters and blogs, and the opportunity to serve as directors on the Alliance Executive Committee.