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For Teachers: ClickView

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Getting Started with ClickView

This brief video provides an overview of what ClickView is and what teachers have access to within ClickView. Duration: 1:19

Clickview also have a "Getting Started with ClickView" playlist of tutorials which are designed to get you going with ClickView, from logging in, to locating, playing, and sharing ClickView content, to beginning to curate playlists for specific units.

How do I use ClickView?

Whether you are at home or school, on your own device or a school computer, use ClickView Online

1. Go to and click the orange 'Sign into ClickView' button: 

2. Enter your Lowther Hall email address and click 'Next':

3. On the Lowther Hall sign-in page, login using your normal Lowther Hall username and password. You will only be redirected to this page if you are not already logged into your Lowther Hall account.

4. On the page asking you to select your school, click on the green 'Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School' button:

5. You will then find yourself on the ClickView dashboard, which regularly updates with new content. You can use the search bar in the top right of the screen to search what you're looking for, or browse our curated collection by clicking 'Libraries', then 'Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School'.

If you have an iPad, you can use the ClickView iOS App.

You can also access ClickView in a browser on your tablet:

1. Go to

2. Login using your normal Lowther Hall username and password

3. Search or browse for the video you require, and watch in your browser

Requesting Content to be added to our ClickView Library

There are several ways to request a video:

  • Email the library.
  • Visit the Nora Collisson Centre.
  • Go to ClickView Exchange, then search and find the video you want, and open it in a new window. Beneath the video, you will see a button labeled "More". Once you click on this button, you can select from the drop-down options: "Add to your library". This will generate a notification for library staff to add the video to the Lowther ClickView Library for future use, accessible to staff and students in the Lowther community.

You can also simply share video links to staff and students without adding to our Library. When you open a video in a new window, you will see an option below each video labelled "Share". Here you will find the link for the video, as well as the code to embed the video. 

Any videos shared from the Exchange will be viewable by your students, as long as the video isn't rated higher than the students' age group.

Helpful Links

Shows Available Online

The following ABC and SBS programs can be streamed online: