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The LRC can assist you with

  • Information fluency strategies and instruction for your students
  • Advice on emerging technologies and tools in education
  • Source print and digital resources to complement your curriculum
  • Specific classes on note taking, referencing and other digital literacies
  • ClickView recordings
  • Develop specific collections of resources around curriculum units of work,or specific resources for Professional learning, see examples below, 

List of Course Reserves for Teachers - these are links to resources in the collection, ebooks, print books, film, great for your learning teams

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Education eBooks
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EBSCO Education eBook Collection

The EBSCO ebook collection provides access to a huge range of educational books.  You can read any book online in the eBook viewer. You can also download any book to read later. You  are able to print selections of the books available for your personal use.

This link above will take you straight to the collection while on campus or use the search box above to directly search the collection. If you are off campus use the intranet link available from under announcements on the school intranet site.

Search on a topic and browse the selection and content online:

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