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For Teachers: Using Google Drive around the SAMR model

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Creating a shared folder for your class

These steps can be completed on your laptop or iPad

Create the folder


  1. Login to Google Drive using your normal Lowther Hall username and password.
  2. In the left hand side of the screen, click the red 'New' button (see right).
  3. Select 'Folder'.
  4. Name your folder and click 'Create'.


Share the folder

  1. Right click on your folder title and select 'Share'.
  2. In the box entitled 'Invite People', enter the email addresses of your students, separated by a comma (see below).
  3. Add a message to your students (optional) and click 'Send'.


Google Forms

Google Forms can only be created on your laptop (NOT your iPad)

Google Sites

Create your website

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your Lowther Hall username and password.
  3. Click the Create button. 
  4. Select a template to use. If this is your first website, we recommend choosing a simple template, for example an education template
  5. Name your site (this can change later). Your site location (URL) will be populated based on your site name. You can customise the URL if you want.
  6. Click the Create button at the top of the page.


Add a page

  1. Click the "new page" icon.
  2. Select the page type you want to add.

Edit your website

  1. Click the pencil icon. For the actions below, follow the appropriate instructions.
    Edit text You can add or change text, text size, font, font style, color, make lists and other changes to text.
    Add an image Go to Insert > Image.
    Add a video Go to Insert > YouTube. Note: Your video must be uploaded through YouTube.
  2. Click Save.

Embed survey results to your site

  1. Click the pencil icon.
  2. Go to Insert > Drive and then select spreadsheet.
  3. Provided you are logged in with the same Google account that you used to create your Google Form, you can choose the spreadsheet of survey results.


URL shorteners

Creating a shortened URL is an easy and useful way to share a link with your class. Shortened URLS are:

  • Easier to type into a browser
  • Look neater
  • Great when you have a limited number of characters that you can use (like Twitter).

BEWARE! If typed incorrectly, shortened URLs could take your students to something completely unrelated (and possibly unpleasant). Please be careful when copying shortened URLs, and only follow shortened links that you trust.