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PE & Sport: PE: Year 10: Sports Science

Heaps of information on fitness and nutrition

Introduction to Body Systems

In this unit, you will study four body systems:

  1.  Musculoskeletal System
  2.  Cardiorespitory System
  3.  Biomechanics
  4. 4Energy Systems

The following links provide an overview and starting point:



Image source:  19834270


1 Musculoskeletal System

2 Cardiorespiratory System

Blood vessels such as arteries, veins and capillaries are discussed in this video.

3 Energy System

This video provides an insight into each of the three energy systems:aerobic; anaerobis and ATP-CP.

Duration: 4:47 min Produced: 2017

4 Biomechanics

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Useful Tools

Here we can add a link to resources such as the booklet you make including the glossary

Cornell Note-taking

There is a lot to learn and take in during this unit of work. To help you summarise and have clear notes, your teacher will guide you when to use the Cornell Note-taking system. Click on the link above to see the format for this style of note-taking. 


In the NCC

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Human Body 1

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