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PE & Sport: Cricket

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Mobile # Warm Up Activity – Cricket Victoria

Intermediate Cricket – Lesson #1

Inter Cricket – Lesson #1

Instructions: follow the lesson plan in order. 

• Complete the Warm Up, followed by the Conditioning Circuit and Skills Session as outlined.

• You can choose to do the conditioning activities with light weights filled water/milk bottles, tin cans or shopping bags with books.

• It is very important to participate in both the warm up and stretches to avoid injury and muscle soreness. Please ensure you have listened carefully to the safety brief from your teacher.

• Motivational music is encouraged! 

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WARM UP (5min)                              

20 x skipping (on spot)                                                            

40 x fast feet (on spot)                                    

20 x star jumps                       

15 x squats or squat jumps (high knee raises if you have knee issues)                                   

20 x heel butt kicks                             

10 x mountain climbers                                               

20 x crunches (feet up, touch toes)                                                                 

Drink break & stretch.  Supervising Teacher/Cricket Captain will work through stretches and hold each stretch for 30 seconds each. 3 minutes 


* Complete each activity for 45sec with 15sec rest.

Shuttle runs – mark out 8-10 paces in a hallway, backyard or driveway. You could use shoes or socks to mark out distance. Run or jog back & forth, forward facing both ways.

Alternate lunges – step backwards, alternating legs & holding light weights or stick.

Side slides – side slide back & forth, forward facing the same way both ways.

Shoulder press – pushing weights up from the shoulders to touch overhead.

High knees/Heel butt kicks – high knees one direction, heel butt kicks opp. direction.

Push ups – on toes, knees or against wall.

Skipping – back & forth, forward facing both ways…don’t forget your cricket bat!

Oblique crunches – laying on back, alternating knee to elbow.

Ball juggle – try to juggle the ball at the end of your stick. Use bent elbows!

Drink break – 1min rest/recovery