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Science: Scientific Posters

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Scientific Posters Explained

Watch this video to find out what scientific posters are and how they are used.

Production Year: 2013

Duration: 5.15 min

Source:  Accessed: 30.03.2021


Watch this video to learn the do's and don'ts or goo academic poster design.

Production Year: 2013

Duration: 10.55 min

Source:  Accessed: 30.03.2021

Scientific Poster Example

A poster is a means of communicating research results in a concise way. A good poster presents reduced information while getting to the point of what the audience should remember. 

A poster is made up of the following key features:

1. title and sub-titles / sub-headings

2. graphics

3. text

4. space

You  must also consider: flow; layout; colour; and the order you present your information.

Craft of Scientific Posters - this is an excellent site showing you design, examples and even templates you can use for your scientific posters.

Scientific Poster Template