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Science: Physics 1 & 2

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Research Option 1: What are stars?

This involves the examination of the birth, life and death of stars in the universe.  Students explore how the properties of starlight can provide information, including the star's distance from the Earth, its temperature, composition, age and future. 

ABC Science: How do scientists use light to study stars and planets?

NASA: How do stars form and evolve?

NASA: Spectra and what they can tell us

ThoughtCo. How do astronomers use light?

Research Option 2: Is there life beyond Earth's Solar System?

Consider the likelihood of life, including intelligent life beyond the Solar System, the methods used to find suitably habitable planets,and how the search for life beyond the Solar System is conducted.

NASA: Are we alone? 

This is an easy to navigate website discussing many of the aspects needed to be covered in this area under consideration.

Five ways to find a planet

How to find an exo-planet

From the online news blog, "The Conversation": The search for planets around other star systems has been going on for decades and the results are now coming in thick and fast. This series will look at some of the techniques astronomers use to find these exoplanets.

Duration: 15:10 min

Duration: 6:20 min

Research Option 3: How do heavy objects fly?

How do different forces affect flight? How are the principles of aerodynamics and flight control utilised in the design and operation of aircraft?

NASA: The four forces of flight

NASA: Student Site: The dynamics of flight An easy to follow site explaining aerodynamics on aircraft.

Live Science: what is aerodynamics?

RMIT: Theories of flight This article includes formulae.

Duration:  7:43 min

Duration: 11:39 min

Research Option 4: How is radiation used to maintain health?

How are the use of electromagnetic radiation and particle radiation applied in medical diagnosis and treatment?

Radioisotopes in medicine

Duration: 3:17 min



Duration: 3:00 min

Uses and dangers of radioactivity

Radioactivity has many uses but it can also cause problems. Ionising radiation can cause significant problems with damage to cell structures. Nuclear waste has also been a concern to scientists.

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Sources of latest research

Science Daily

ScienceDaily showcases the top science news stories from the world’s leading universities and research organisations.
Contents are updated several times a day seven days a week, covering discoveries in all fields of the physical, biological, earth and applied sciences.

The New York times

Search results on Physics news, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times newspaper.


EurekAlert! is an online, free global news service operated by AAAS. No registration is necessary to search the archives, and any user can look up information posted to by browsing the news pages or by typing specific information into the Search or selecting a Subject from the drop-down menu. is a web-based science, research and technology news service. They say their role is to "find out the who, the what, the where, the how, and the why of a story - and the why not". Physics news

Updated daily, is an independent source for the latest news on science.