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Science: Physics 3 & 4

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How to write a rationale for a Science experimental investigation

A rationale justifies your experiment - it explains they 'why' of undertaking your experiment.

It introduces your reader to your work and so is positioned in the introductory section of your writing


How to write a literature review

Timestamps: What's the function of Literature Review? 0:55 Step 1: Find relevant research. 5:33 Step 2: Log, catalogue, & synthesise. 15:58   Step 3: Outlining & Writing up. 27:47

Above is a great video that explores the following:

  • What is a literature review?
  • Why do a literature review
    • understand the background of your topic
    • what has already been done related to your topic
    • how this research has helped informed you about your topic
    • how your topic can contricute to the research in your discipline
  • Types of literature review
  • Where to begin
    • Finding literature
    • Reviewing literature
    • Integrate and synthesis your findings into something new
  • Your review structure



Essential Websites

  • Khan Academy  has  thousands of videos, which are great for revision, self assessment, or just extra study. You can even create an account so that you can track your progress and earn badges for work completed

Why Study Physics?

Circular Motion (Centripetal Force)

Duration: 8:43 min

Using an amusement park to explore circular motion, this video work through an example problem and define such terms as tangential velocity and centripetal acceleration

Projectile Motion

Duration: 6:44min

In this video the 3 factors that affect projectile motion are explored: Speed, Angle and Height of release.


Magnetic Fields

Duration: 11:57 min

Inclined Plane Motion

Duration: 3:19 min

An easy to follow video with explanations of calculations.