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The Science behind Cloning


Image Source: National Human Genome Research Institute 'Cloning Fact Sheet' - click on the image to enlarge and go to the website.

Genetic engineering - selective breeding and gene technology This site is from BBC Bitesize. Click through and scroll down to find out present and future uses.


Click and Clone   Not a scientific journal or article, but a way to learn about the steps in cloning


What is Cloning?  Introductory cloning page, maintained by the University of Utah


20 Years after Dolly the Sheep Led the Way—Where Is Cloning Now?  Reviews the state of cloning, both as an idea and a scientific practice ...



Pet cloning

Pet Cloning

Pet cloning is becoming more popular despite the cost  BBC article April 2022

Inside the complicated, messy world of pet cloning  Massive Science article July 2021

Dog cloning: should you copy your pup?  Dog' article or listen to it.


Therapeutic cloning

Promises and Issues  Scroll down this lengthy article to Ethical Considerations and the Conclusion.

Understanding Therapeutic Cloning: Benefits, Issues and Legal Framework  This article covers:
Benefits and concerns of Therapeutic Cloning
Ethical Issues - moral, social, religious, economic and financial, human rights
International legal framework

Cloning for Food

A primer on cloning and its use in livestock operations  This article explains what cloning is and how it is currently being used in farming livestock 

Food Standards Australia and NZ  Is food produced from cloned animals in Australia? Read this article to find out.

US Center for Food Safety This article is titled 'About cloned animals' with a view to explaining its appearance in the food chain.

Cloned Food 101  Good article for a timeline of cloning and clear definitions of what cloned food refers to.

Meatball from long-extinct mammal It can be done. Read how they did it.


The issues with cloning: just because we could, should we?



Essential Documents

Key text types

 When you are searching in a research database, you might come across different types of articles:

Insight articles aims to explain a scientific topic or concept in an engaging way such as using graphical abstracts or illustrations. Insight articles can discuss a recent trend or discoveries in science by pulling together multiple publications.

Review articles, also called literature reviews, are a survey of previously published research on a topic. They give an overview of current thinking on the theme and, unlike an original research article, won't present new experimental results

Original research articles are the reports of a study written by the researchers who actually did the study. The researchers describe their hypothesis or research question and the purpose of the study.

Scientific Journals with Peer-Reviewed Articles

 Scientific journals are found within databases. Nature is a British weekly scientific journal featuring peer-reviewed research from a variety of academic disciplines, mainly in science and technology.




Genome Biology publishes research in all areas of biology and biomedicine studied from a genomic and post-genomic perspective.

10 Top Tips for Research in the Sciences

Scientific Posters Explained

Watch this video to find out what scientific posters are and how they are used.

Production Year: 2013

Duration: 5.15 min

Source:  Accessed: 30.03.2021


Watch this video to learn the do's and don'ts or goo academic poster design.

Production Year: 2013

Duration: 10.55 min

Source:  Accessed: 30.03.2021

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