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Research Investigation

Investigation topic: Endangered elements in the periodic table

Today’s chemists are involved in many branches of chemistry, covering all 118 elements in the periodic table. Some of these elements are now considered to be critical and endangered, particularly due to the prevalence of modern technologies that rely on many different scarce minerals. It has been estimated that 44 elements will soon be, or are already, facing supply limitations, making a future of continuing technological advancement uncertain.

Keywords: alkane resources, resource efficiency, renewable feedstocks, conservation,

ACS Chemistry for Life - Endangered Elements

The periodic table of endangered elements

Source: Endangered Elements,, Accessed 6 February 2023

Endangered Elements: Conserving the Building Blocks of Life

Endangered elements, critical raw materials and conflict minerals

How will we save our endangered elements?

Nature Magazine article: Turning the Tables on Endangered Elements

Protecting Endangered Elements Report

World Economic Forum article: Endangered elements are a big risk for the world – here’s why



Duration: 2 min   Production: 2019

Getting the terms right: green, sustainable or circular chemistry? - online article Open Access

Investigation topic: The sustainability of a commercial product or material

In Australia, new materials that are useful for society tend to be produced through a linear economy in which products are purchased, used and then thrown away. Increasingly, manufacturing companies are moving towards a circular economy, which seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption while enabling economic growth through more productive use of natural resources and creation of less waste.

Keywords: sustainable materials selection, recycled materials, strategy, future proofing

How Australia can support the transition to net-zero steel

Australia's biggest steelmaker refines its green steel plans

Green Crude – A Fossil Fuel Alternative - Inventionlandre

What are Green Plastics and Their Environmental Benefits


Source:  Accessed: 6 February 2023

Duration: 5:18 min  Production: 2021

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

Click on the image to go to an interactive periodic table

The Periodic Table of Videos

Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this one has a short video about each one!

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