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History: Frontier Wars

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Methods used to fight the war

Image from the film 'Jandamarra's war'

Frontier Wars : overview

Video: First Australians - Unhealthy Government Experiment

Jandamurra is born on a cattle station in the Kimberley in 1870s. His hybrid life takes a bloody turn when he trades in his status as a police tracker for his own people. Gladys Gilligan is one of more than 50,000 half-caste children plucked from her family and sent to a mission. The Chief Protector of Aborigines, AO Neville, institutionalises her first son, orders her to be arrested, and denies her the right to marry three times, but she remains resolutely independent.

Publication Year: 2008

Duration: 52:42

Henry Reynold's 'Forgotten war'


Listen to Henry Reynolds being intereviewed on the ABC Late Night Live program, about his controversial book on the Frontier Wars.

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