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History: Year 8 History

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Medieval Knights

The Black Death

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Video: The Middle Ages (The Worst Jobs in History)

The Middle Ages is the 500-year period that ended just before 1500. It was the time when the great cathedrals and castles of England were built, the time of the Crusades, of Bishops and Barons, when Magna Carta was signed and when Robin Hood and his merry men terrorised Sherwood.

Tony uncovers his fair share of dangerous and disgusting work. He investigates the lives of the poor souls who had to dish out medieval cures, and those who became human hamsters making cathedrals possible and those who walked in wee to support an entire economy.

Production Year: 2004

Duration: 47:16

Using a primary source

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Crime and Punishment

Magna Carta

Daily life in the Middle Ages

How to take good notes