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Visual Arts: Media

This is the space for Visual Arts resources, to inspire and guide you in creating.

Unit 3: Media narratives, contexts and pre-production

Keywords: Barbie the movie

Gender bias, gender intensification, gender roles, gender stereotypes, feminism, white feminism, feminism intersection, fourth wave feminism, kyriarchy, patriarchy

Barbie the movie and feminism

Video above 'Barbie is proof third wave feminism makes no sense'.

Unit 4: Media production: agency and control in and of the media

Agency: The ability to act and make choices. audiences and institutions can have agency. They can use the media as a platform however they choose. Maybe to express themselves or communicate a message
Control: The ability to exert power over somebody's actions or choices. When audiences or media institutions have control they may be able to change someone's opinions or shape how messages are communicated. 


VCAA Media Study Design

Media Production: Shooting and creating your own movie


When it is your turn to create media products, use Lesson Bucket to access royalty free products for music and sound.