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Visual Arts: Year 9/10 Art

This is the space for Visual Arts resources, to inspire and guide you in creating.

Antony Gormley's figures

Break State III Limn III

Doh ho Suh's figures


 Blue green bridge (2000)      Some/one (2001)             Public figures (1998-1999)

Mark Quinn's figures

Mark Quinn is a British artist who makes uses the human form in many of his sculptures, including the huge 'Planet' sculpture of his 7 month old son.

Zombie Boy (Rick) isn't the traditional subject matter for bronze sculptures of the human figure!

Mark Quinn talks about making the solid gold scupture 'Siren' for the British Museum.

Louise Bourgeois' figures

seven in bed (2001)

The Mute

Damien Hirst's figures

Inspirational webpages

How to observe and discuss artworks

Fantastic art books

Art elements and principles