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Visual Arts: The Shock of the New

This is the space for Visual Arts resources, to inspire and guide you in creating.

The Shock of the New

The Shock of the New is Robert Hughes' history of Modern Art from Cubism to Pop and the Avant-Garde. The popular art history sequel to the BBC's Civilization series, picks up at the threshold of the 20th century. It is written and presented by Robert Hughes, art critic and senior writer for Time. Hughes draws on a wealth of documentary materials from the archives of the BBC, including rare footage and interviews with noted artists. The range of major figures includes Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, le Corbusier, Maz Ernst, Francis Bacon and Jackson Pollock.

Video: The Shock of the New Episode 1 - The Mechanical Paradise

Series on the development of modern art from 1880 to the present, presented by Robert Hughes. The first episode shows how the development of technology influenced art between 1880 and the end of WWI. 

Duration: 57:52 - via YouTube

Video: The Shock of the New Episode 2 - The Powers That Be

The Shock of the New Episodes