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Visual Arts: Use of animals in art

This is the space for Visual Arts resources, to inspire and guide you in creating.

Antennae issue 7 : fantastic resource!

This edition of the British art magazine Antennae is full of articles about artists who use taxidermy, including Angela Singer and Damien Hirst. It is very useful for exploring the ethics of the issue of using animals in art.

Julia Deville

Julia Deville is a vegetarian who taxidermies animals for her art. All the animals she uses have died of natural causes.

Guillermo Vargas

Vardas is known for his "Exposición N° 1" which was an emaciated dog in a Nicaraguan gallery.

Damien Hirst

This is Damien Hirt's most famous work, titled: 'the physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living'. The artwork features a shark preserved in phemeldohyde.

Adel Abdessened : 'Don't trust me'

The below clip is a video is in Spanish (?) however it shows the video piece 'Don't trust me' which seems to depict animals being shot. There are some disturbing images here.

Angela Singer

Angela Singer wants to highlight the suffering animals go through at the hands of humans. Her taxidermy has an unsettling, shocking, beauty.