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Philosophy: Year 12 Philosophy: Contemporary Debates in Philosophy

Philosophy studies at Lowther Hall

Welcome to Philosophy!

I hope you find the resources on these LibGuides pages helpful in guiding your research into contemporary philosophical debates. 

What is Philosophy for?

Audio Resources: Unit 3 Outcome 1 - Minds and Bodies

Audio Resources: Unit 3 Outcome 2 - Personal Identity

Audio Resources: Unit 4 Outcome 1 - The Good Life

Useful Resources

Playlist: Western Philosophy

Philosophy Units 3 & 4: Curriculum alignment

Quick links to other Philosophy topics

Further Reading

Get inspired and dip into our selection of fiction books with philosophical or moral themes. You will find a range from classics to new releases, across genres such as science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, thrillers and real life. Visit the Nora Collisson Centre to borrow print books, or read eBooks on our eBook app Sora.

New Philosopher Magazine

New Philosopher Magazine. For curious people interested in the fundamental issues facing humankind.

We subscribe to both digital and print versions of New Philosopher Magazine. Visit the Nora Collisson Centre to borrow the print editions, or click the link below to access the digital version.

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Resources available in the NCC

Playlist: Eastern Philosophy