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Philosophy: Ethical Issue: Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Philosophy studies at Lowther Hall

Useful Resources

Video: Go Back To Where You Came From

Follows six ordinary Australians who agree to challenge their preconceived notions about refugees and asylum seekers, and embark on a confronting 25 day journey.

All four seasons of Go Back to Where You Came From are available to watch here on ClickView.

Video: You Can't Ask That: Refugees

Not many groups of people in Australia are more feared or misunderstood than refugees. In this episode we hear from refugees about their experience of Australia. The people, the culture and their new home.

Duration: 28:43

Video: What is Australia's policy on immigration, refugees and asylum seekers? | ABC News

Earlier this week, both US President Donald Trump and UK prime ministerial candidate Boris Johnson praised Australia's tough stance on immigration and asylum seekers. So just what are Australia’s current policies on refugees and asylum seekers and how have they changed over the last five years?

Duration: 6:39

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Video: Clare O'Neil MP Adjournment: Asylum Seekers and Truth

MP Clare O'Neil criticises the lack of transparency surrounding "Operation Sovereign Borders" and Australia's treatment of asylum seekers.

Duration: 4:59