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Raymond House Library: A FACT: Step 5: Think Again

Your guide to the Raymond House Library

Step 5 - Think Again


Think Again about what you have learnt

Ask yourself:

What am I going to do the same next time?

What am I going to do differently next time?



                         Think about what you have created

Ask yourself:

Have I answered the question the teacher or our class asked?


Have I answered the question I asked?

Did I ask good questions?


Did I include everything I needed to include?


    Think about how you worked

Ask yourself:

What did I learn?

What went well?

What didn't go well?

What else? 

Critical Reflection (SS)

Critical Reflection is more than just looking back and saying you did something well or poorly; it is a more formal process.

You must make a connection between the following 


Watch the following video to see the process and learn more

Metacognitive Skillsv (SS)

Thinking About Thinking is what metacognition is. To become an independent  and expert learner, you need to develop your Metacognitive Skills. 


This is a quick introduction to metacognition, plus seven questions to help you become more independent learners.

Duration: 0:58

Duration: 1:38

You develop Cognitive Skills throughout your life, but strategically improving them can help you better use these abilities.