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Dance / Drama: Dance Year 10

Great resources for everything performing arts!

Contemporary Dance

Here you'll find some useful resources to get you started on your 20th and 21st century dance research task.

The NCC has some books that might give you some ideas - two of these are listed below. The Ebsco Reference Centre offers newspaper articles as well as entries from encyclopaedias to give you an overview of the important dates and places in each practitioners' career. Use the search box on the right to get started! See further down the page for some tips on searching in Ebsco.

Analyse websites

Learn to give a CRAAP.

Now that we've got your attention, use this acronym to evaluate the information you find on the web.

C is for currency. When was the website last updated?

R is for relevance. Is the information useful to you?

A is for authority. Who is publishing the information? If it's from Wikipedia, it could be anyone and is not a reliable source.

A is for accuracy. Think about who published it, and if they are likely to be correct. Is a celebrity or a doctor more likely to give accurate health information? Are there references?

P is for purpose or possible bias. Is the author’s purpose to sell, persuade, entertain, or inform?

Newspapers and Magazines



Books from the NCC

How to Make a Timeline