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Visual Arts: How do we decide what art is?

This is the space for Visual Arts resources, to inspire and guide you in creating.

How do we decide what art is?


The group of Czech artists called Ztohoven created a prank atomic explosion (it was actually a scupture made of neon lights). Whilst the public weren't concerned about the prank (which was screened on TV) the government charged the group with scaremongering. The case was later thrown out, the judge calling it 'entertainment'.

Legal street art

Promoting street art

Artists sue NYC over Anti-Grafitti law

A group of seven artists and a fashion designer are suing New York City Council over their Anti-Grafitti law. The law makes it illegal for those aged between 18 and 21 to buy spray paint or markers. The artists suing the council argue the law is against the U.S. right to free expression (the first ammendment).

Banksy's art

Patricia Piccinini


Michael Dickinson : 'Best in show'

Michael Dickinson is a British born artist who was working in Turkey when he was charged with the crime of 'insulting the Prime Minister' for his artwork 'Best in show'. The Turkish courts tried to fine him, but he refused to pay the fine. 'Best in show' depicts the face of the Turkish Prime Minister (Erdogan) on top of a dogs body. George Bush is seen fixing the dos's bow.