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For Teachers: Using Google Drive around the SAMR model: Week 2

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Tips for managing your Drive

Colour coding of folders is a good place to start: simply right click on the folder to select the option 

Moving files, just select and drag files and folders to wherever you want

Anything shared with you can initially be viewed in "Shared with me"

You can simply search for any file in the search box at the top of the page saves going through particular folders put in a word or words e.g. student surname and all files should be listed

Encourage students to save work in their own folder that they have shared with you, make sure they use a set saving format for ease of use for you, such as surname, topic, year level file e.g. gilbert animal rights essay 9

Remember that anything you want to share with someone can be shared easily by sending a link to the file itself or for an entire folder

To view a document's revision history simply go to [File > revision history]

Research - in ongoing tasks it is easy to select a word or words in your text and then select Tools > Research and you can immediately search for information. You can preview the source while on your document still, insert resources into your notes, cite the resource in your document all from the document inside Google Drive.

Translation tool is excellent: Tools > Translate document You can then save this translation separately.

Keyboard shortcuts: click on the settings icon (a gear) to go to the menu which has the keyboard shortcuts link, click on this to see all the shortcuts.