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For Teachers: Evernote

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Evernote Basics

What is it?

Evernote is a cloud based application for notetaking and gathering information.

There are three different ways to use Evernote:

Evernote on your laptop

  • create stacks
  • edit notebooks
  • use OCR to search handwritten notes

Evernote App

  • download for your iPad, iPhone or Android device
  • makes it easy to use or save information on the go

Evernote Website

  • login at anytime, from anywhere
  • great when you don't have your laptop or iPad with you

It doesn't matter which interface you use, your work is always synced to the cloud so that it is the same, anywhere.

Getting Started with Evernote

How others are using Evernote

Smart Filing

Smart filing allows you to email a note into a specific notebook, add reminders and tags.

Find your Evernote email address


On your iPad/mobile device,

1.       Open Evernote App

2.       Tap on your username in the top left corner

3.       Tap “Evernote email address”

4.       Add to contacts


On your PC,

1.       Open Evernote PC Client

2.       Go to Tools > Account Info

3.       Copy and paste into your Outlook contacts



Add !date to set a reminder. E.g. !tomorrow will set a notification for tomorrow, !wednesday for next wednesday, or pick a specific date using the format !YYYY/MM/DD.

Add @notebook name to designate the destination in your Evernote. I.e. @Science goes in my science notebook.

Add #tag name to add tags. Eg. #lesson plan. This feature works only with existing tags in your account (you cannot create new tags).

Be sure to follow this order: subject/title, reminder, notebook name, tags.

iPad session notes

Shared Notebooks

Join these shared notebooks to see how others are using Evernote, and to view helpful resources.

Evernote Extras

Downloading these apps will enhance your Evernote experience!

Evernote Reminders