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Lowther Hall Nora Collisson Centre (Library): The Age Newspaper

Tips for using The Age Digital Edition

  • The Age Digital Edition allows an unlimited number of concurrent users while on the school's network
  • It is an exact digital copy of the physical, print version of The Age newspaper - known as an online replica. This means it contains the same content and layout of the newspaper on any given day. This includes: articles, images, advertisements, letters to the editor, obituaries, birth notices, movie listings, comics, word puzzles, recipes, supplementary sections and more.
  • You can access the past 6 months of newspapers.
  • You can search, save and print articles, and email article links to yourself or others to read later.
  • You can search via the Replica interface or the Dynamic interface, which can be changed via the red button in the top right of the screen, as shown in the screenshots below:


The Age Digital Edition

Click here to access The Age Digital Edition: