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Food & Hospitality: Unit 1 Outcome 2: Food Properties & Preparation

Key Foods

Ethical Considerations

Functional Properties of Foods

Functional Food "provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value" - Encyclopedia Brittanica

The cooking process: How food changes

Food is a vital component of life for every human being. People from every country of the globe use different combinations of herbs, spices and cookery methods to produce delicious food. This program looks at the changing characteristics of food during the cookery process. We also investigate how the addition or substitution of an ingredient or an alternative cookery method can make a dish unique and exciting, and typical of a certain country or region. As a cook, we need to be aware of how and why food changes and it is only then that we can become true Masterchefs in our own kitchens

Food Standards Australia (FSANZ)

FSANZ is a government agency responsible for standards regulating food additives, safety and nutrition labelling.
NUTTAB (from FSANZ) contains nutrient data for 2668 foods available in Australia and up to 245 nutrients per food

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